Valletta Contemporary Arts (VCA) is presently still in the making. Construction and refurbishing works started in January 2012. The aim is to be open to the public by December 2016, with the hope that it will be in operation one year before 2017/2018, the years when Malta will hold the European Presidency and title of the Capital Culture of Europe respectively.

VALLETTA CONTEMPORARY ARTS proposes to be an innovative project for the Maltese contemporary art scene. It will be located at the lower East End of Valletta, on the city’s periphery and thus detached from the main centre. An attempt to regenerate this part of the city is here also an element of concern. Architecturally, this new space will engage with an old one whilst retaining the latters’ fundamental aesthetic character. A terraced area on the outside of the gallery provides an additional space for socialization during events such as exhibition openings or book launches. Hence one may perceive this meeting of the past and present; contemporary art in a city with a rich historical background. The space will be a hub for the exhibition of contemporary art, and also for educational purposes. It will focus on functioning as an interactive centre where culture will be the subject of perpetual discussion. Each area of the building will provide a diverse artistic experience through the use of various media, ranging from visual art to small-scaled theatrical performances.

Contact: Norbert Francis Attard
Tel: 00356 79041051